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All testimonials are genuine and reproduced with our clients' kind permission, who hope to encourage others to seek help too.

“I am now back to the best place I've ever been"

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for changing my life to the point I am now at. I have ulcerative colitis and seen lots therapists/ alternative treatments over the years but there is no doubt that, for me, you have been a life changer. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and coped ok until the point where it took over my life with panic attacks / illness. I saw jo 7 years ago and after not leaving my house for 3 months she got me back to work as a full time driving instructor and a fire fighter. Things went well until medication got involved and I got very sick again, which lasted 2 years in and out of hospital and nearly having lots of surgery (but I held off) and my life changed over night, I was house bound once again. After battling for a long time thinking I could cope I needed someone to save me and there she was again the only person that changed my life before. I have had some more sessions with jo and I now am back to the best place I have ever been. Even the nhs offered me an amazing drug which would help me massively I have not needed to take it as im doing this drug free because I am now in control and this is down to one person Jo Ward thankyou for changing my life :)"

“I can’t thank you enough, it truly has been life changing and I’ll continue to put into practice all of the techniques you have taught me”


“After 10 years of having to deal with dreadful anxious episodes when feeling confined on public transport and travelling abroad, which was also compounded with dread and fear that there may not be any public conveniences nearby, I am elated to report that with your professional support, encouragement and hypnotherapy techniques it has truly been life changing.  I now feel that I’m in total control of my life.  As a direct result of your treatment I was able to travel around Thailand for a once in a lifetime 3 week holiday on planes, boats, buses and TukTuks.  I can’t thank you enough and would highly recommend your hypnotherapy style and skills.  Thanks again Jo for all of your support and encouragement."


"I am so happy with the long lasting results"

Jo Ward has massively helped me to finally conquer my extreme fear and lifelong phobia of needles. Before I took up hypnotherapy with Jo, I could not even say the word without my arm becoming numb. I found pencils and even people pointing at me lead me to lash out towards them, I could not watch it on the TV and even avoided all check ups and the necessary boosters I needed from the age of 7. I was unsure at first but I very quickly felt comfortable around Jo as she was very easy to approach and talk to. Even from the first few sessions I saw small changes and I began to challenge myself to test these changes. Within a few weeks Jo amazingly helped me get over my phobia completely as have now had all the boosters and check ups I needed as well as now following my life long ambition to travel to Africa and Asia and now enabling me to for fill my life long dream to become a paramedic. I am so happy with the long lasting results I have seen, so worth your time and every penny. Thank you again Jo!

Update by text:  Hello Jo, hope you are well.  Just wanted to give you an update of my progress. In the summer I got my ears pierced and had my tattoo done.  Also I am now a community first responder with the ambulance service.  It is only onwards and upwards from here.  Thank you once again so much :)

HH - Anxiety, Confidence & Phobia Client - Maldon, Essex

"I can’t believe how easy it has been"
"Just a quick note to let you know that, with your help, I have reached my target weight!  After breast cancer and 5 years of Tamoxifen, followed by years of unsuccessful diets, I really believed I would never lose the excess weight.  Thank you so much – I can’t believe how easy it has been.  Everyone has noticed my new figure and I feel like a new woman!"

BD – Weight Management Hypnotherapy Client, Maldon, Essex

"Thank you for helping me put my life back on track."
"I just needed to write to let you know how your consultations have helped me. Like others I expect, I was apprehensive at first but you put me at ease and after a short time YOU have made the difference. My life has taken shape again and I feel good about myself. Now feeling more positive I look forward to enjoying many things that I've put off for too long. Thank you for helping me put my life back on track."

TM - Anxiety Hypnotherapy Client - Maldon, Essex

"I have had life changing results."
"After many years, (about 20) of trying all kinds of complementary and alternative medicine, in fact too many to mention, I have found that in a very few sessions with Jo I have had life changing results. I can fly again after many years of being grounded. I can take on more than I ever have before and have no anxiety about almost anything. I feel positive all of the time and will continue to use and practice the many techniques to maintain this for my future. You can not put a price on feeling good as it is everyones right to be as well as they can be, and I am now as well as I think I can be. THANK YOU.

CM - Anxiety & Phobia Client - Maldon, Essex

"I wish I had done it 30 years ago"
"My phobia of dogs has always stopped me from enjoying walks and visiting peoples houses. I have suffered panic attacks and had even begun to feel ill if I saw dogs on TV. Hypnotherapy sessions have helped me to overcome this. I can now encounter a dog and feel nothing. I wish I had done it 30 years ago!"

TC - Phobia Hypnotherapy Client, Burnham, Essex

"After a few sessions of hypnotherapy I am a new person"
"IBS for me was like being a prisoner of my body, going anywhere brought on anxiety and stress with all the resultant effect that everyone who suffers from IBS will know. After a few sessions of hypnotherapy I am a new person. I no longer fell anxious or stressed and in fact feel relaxed and confident with myself, my one wish is that I had undertaken hypnotherapy with Jo sooner."

AH - IBS Hypnotherapy Client, Maldon, Essex

"Going into hypnosis is the best feeling in the world! "
"Dear Jo, Thank you so much for your help in dealing with my many issues. You were recommended through a friend of a friend. I admit I wasn't sure if you could really help me but after our first session I knew it was totally right for me. Going into hypnosis is the best feeling in the world! My body & mind completely relaxed - although I was very aware of what was going on. I have dealt with my relationship troubles, gained much needed confidence, lost & am still losing weight in a sensible way & even made a speech at my son's wedding - all things which once seemed impossible to me. Each visit you dealt with my issues in ways that have allowed me to put the bad things away & concentrate on a very positive future, even getting me to redress the foot problem & who knows, I may even visit the dentist!!! You asked me what I wanted to achieve through our sessions & I answered ' Inner Peace'. I truly feel I have found that through you & am positively looking forward to Christmas & an exciting new year! Thank you Jo."

CL - Confidence, Relationship Issues, Weight & Phobia Hypnotherapy Client, Essex

"My doctor has asked for your details so he can pass on the good news to others"
Text: "Jo - SB here - I had the tattoo done with no problems at all and today I successfully had a blood test done. Apart from cold clammy hands I was fine. Thanks for your help and my doctor has asked for your details so he can pass on the good news to others. Thanks again."

SB - Needle Phobia Hypnotherapy Client, Essex

"No cravings or urges for cigarettes"
"It was so easy and relaxing. I felt healthier and had more energy from the start. Two years on now and still can’t believe how much better I feel. No cravings or urges for cigarettes. Would recommend to any smoker. Many thanks."

SP - Smoking Cessation Client, Essex

"I would not hesitate in recommending hypnotherapy"
"Right after the first session I felt the impact and walked out of the door a different person and as the weeks and months have rolled by I have gathered momentum and begun to change in ways which I did not think were possible. I have become more happy and comfortable with myself, and no longer feel the burning desire for recognition or anger for change. My self confidence has increased and I have begun to assert myself more in all my dealings without losing any of the compassion I have for other people. Probably for the first time in my life I have a clear picture of what I want to do with my life and now I am working actively to get there. All of this would not have been possible without the help of working with Jo and I would not hesitate in recommending hypnotherapy to anyone who would actively like to get more out of their life".

MT - Confidence & Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Client, Chelmsford, Essex

"I can honestly say that it was worth every pound that I spent"

"I first went to see Jo Ward after seeing an advert in the local paper. I was feeling very fat and frumpy.  I lacked confidence, and not feeling very good about myself at all.  I wanted to lose weight, been dieting for as long as I can remember but did not want to go to one of those weight watching groups, knowing so many women who went lost weight then piled it all back on in no time, so I phoned for an appointment. I can honestly say that it was worth every pound that I spent.  I cannot start to tell you how good I look and feel about myself now. I walk with my head held high feeling every day more and more confident. Having had all the old skeletons taken out of my life it’s like a new beginning. I would of never achieved losing weight and gaining my self confidence without Jo’s help which I am truly grateful for. I am still losing the weight and gaining confidence each day. I can say honesty say that I would recommend it to anyone who feels like I did. Last of all I would like to take this opportunity to say a great BIG thank you to Jo."

MW – Weight Management & Confidence Hypnotherapy Client, Maldon, Essex

"I shall always be glad that I overcame my scepticism and fear of hypnotherapy "

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me get to the point I am now at. You have an amazing gift. I have, as you know, seen several therapists over the past few years but there is no doubt that, for me, you have been the most effective. You work with a remarkable mixture of empathy, steely determination and humour, not letting me get away with anything, nor giving up on me and my persistent negativity (which is considerably reduced these days!). I had the comforting -though slightly unsettling - knowledge that you understood me and my issues, infecting me with your determination that I face up to them when I wanted to shy away from them. I have come out of the process feeling less negative, less self-critical and more confident. The next few months will put these newly discovered strengths to the test but I still have your voice in the back of my head alongside my own and feel more confident that I can deal with whatever problems I will face than I did before. I shall always be glad that I overcame my scepticism and fear of hypnotherapy and picked up the phone to speak to you and have now been recommending it (and you) to others who are experiencing issues that they feel they need help with."

MP - Depression, Weight Loss & Confidence Hypnotherapy Client, Maldon, Essex

"I am looking forward to the future, rather than worrying about the past"

"I have suffered from anxiety and lack of confidence for as long as I can remember. Until I met you I spent my life running away from situations, unable to allow myself to 'give life a go', in case I fell on my face. I found this holding me back in so many situations, not least having fun with my children. Thanks to your understanding, patience and professionalism I now have my life back on track and am looking forward to the future, rather than worrying about the past."

MG - Anxiety Hypnotherapy Client, Maldon, Essex

"This has to be the best value help you can get"

"Hi Jo. Hope all is well with you. Things here are great, I have never felt so positive about my life and the future that I am building with my family. I cannot believe that one little leaflet my wife found at the gym would have such a profound effect on my life. I was as sceptical as you can get................Hypnotism, Nah!! I had seen Paul McKenna on the telly and that was my take on it, no one makes me do the funky chicken, I saw it as an early Saturday evening TV idea, definitely not for me. Long story cut short,my wife persuaded me that, as the first session was for free, I had nothing to lose.................oh yes I did ! Jo's hypnotherapy has helped my come to terms with my past, and view it was just that, the past. The one thing that you CAN change about the past is the way you feel about it. I have lost the feelings of low self esteem, anxiety and paranoia, that were making me miserable. Now I'm looking forward instead of always looking back...........I feel like a new person, my only regret is that I didn't do it earlier. This has got to be the best value help you can get. I’d pay it ten times over and be happy to do so. I also now know that if I am faced with a challenging or difficult situation in the future, Jo's there to help get it all in perspective. If you are reading this, then you are already thinking about picking up the phone, don't waste another minute.......the future's bright. Thankyou Jo."

AH - Anxiety & Low Self Esteem Hypnotherapy Client, Maldon, Essex

"In a few words Jo, you have changed my life"

"Thank you so much for all your help. I wish I had found you 30 years ago. With your approach and guidance, I have finally been set free from a dreadful weight hanging around my neck. I have dieted all my life, always succeeding on a temporary basis, then moving on to the next diet when that one "failed" me. You have been instrumental in the most wonderful life change. I no longer wake up worrying about what diet I should be on, or how much weight I need to lose in order to feel "acceptable". I now eat when I am hungry, which to my surprise is not very often! Considering I have spent 30 years eating non-stop without a "stop" button. In a few words Jo, you have changed my life! Thank you."

D - Weight Management Hypnotherapy Client, Maldon, Essex

"My life is changing for the better"

"Dear Jo, I would like to say a big thank you for your help over the past few months to help me with my phobia of being in enclosed spaces. As you know I had a trip planned to Alton Towers with my family and friends and usually I look after the bags and have a coffee while the rest of the group go on the rides, well not this time, I went on every ride in the park and it was amazing. My family were really supportive and very proud which in turn made me feel good at what I had achieved. Our friends were very shocked and the look on their faces when I went on was a mixture of concern and what has changed. This would not have been possible without your help and I now feel that my life is changing for the better. So again thank you."

FM - Claustrophobia Hypnotherapy Client, Maldon, Essex

"All I can say is WOW"

"Being a bit of a gobby bird has always disguised deep down I am lacking in confidence as most of my life I have been knocked down in anything that I have tried to achieve. Recently I have suffered a severe neck and shoulder pain (due to stress) which in turn gave me a permanent migraine which I suffered from on a regular occasion. On reading Jo's website I was open to try anything that could help me in my hour of need. After several sessions which were very successful, all I can say is WOW what a difference its like waking up in someone elses mind but still my body. I have so much confidence and I wake up with a smile on my face and a purpose in life that I am me and nobody is going to knock me down. All I can say is thankyou thankyou thankyou Jo it was a pleasure to meet you and for all the help you have given as I was crying out for help."

SC - Stress & Confidence Hypnotherapy Client, Maldon, Essex

"The sessions were instantly effective"

"After years of ‘getting by’ at school and University I had become frustrated at my lack of focus with studying. When I started a post-graduate course I soon realised that doing the minimum wouldn’t allow me to succeed. I was getting more and more angry at myself whilst leaving assignments and revision to the night before. I went to see Jo after a recommendation from a family member. The sessions were instantly effective and my focus and ability to concentrate increased. The best thing about Hypnotherapy was that it made me realise my potential and how to apply it to studying. Beforehand I knew I could have put in more work, but didn’t, after hypnotherapy this changed and I put more effort into doing my best. Once I was able to focus I felt like more and more other things began to fall into place and I became even more focussed on my overall goal – becoming a Barrister. Now I have a clear direction I am more confident and certainly happier that I am no longer going round in circles. I got my results last July and instead of a bare pass I received a Commendation with high marks across all the exams. I have no doubt that this is down to Jo helping me work with myself to focus and do my best. If anyone asks what I am capable of now, I point to those results with pride rather than being sheepish or making excuses like I used to. I would certainly recommend hypnotherapy to any student who feels they can improve with more focus and commitment. It really helped to give me a clear direction and the ability to excel. Thank you Jo!"

AD - Hypnotherapy Client, Maylandsea, Essex

"The service she offers is extremely good value"

"I went to 'We Should Talk' to overcome my confidence problems. I found it very easy and comfortable to talk to Jo. The service she offers is extremely good value as I thought it would take longer than it did for me, but I feel like a much happier person now and am very pleased with the results. Jo also took extra steps in helping with my confidence in my business and gave me that push I deperately needed. I am sure that anyone who needs this service would be very pleased with Jo's results as I know I am!"

NH - Confidence Hypnotherapy Client, Chelmsford, Essex

"These techniques do really work"

"About 5 months ago it became clear that I was addicted to chocolate, I found myself eating 4-5 bars a day and even snacking on large boxes. I knew that I had a problem but I didn't know how to stop eating it ... I now eat no more that 1 bar of chocolate a week and I do not feel the need to indulge like I used to - so I would just like to thank you as it has become completely evident to me that these techniques do really work."

CW - Hypnotherapy Client, Great Baddow, Essex

"IVF was a success"

"Hi Jo, just thought I'd let you know - IVF was a success and I'm pregnant :) know it's very early days but I wanted to thank you for your help. Fingers crossed."

KH - Fertility Client, Essex

"Everyone said it was a brilliant speech"

"Hi, just to say thank you. My speech went fine, I certainly was not nervous more excited! I said it all from memory and in two places my mind went blank. I looked down at my notes on the table. Straightaway I thought I won't easily find where I was in my notes, then almost instantly the next thought was I don't care what they think I'm having a great time. Then the rest of the speech popped into my head and I carried on. Everyone said it was a brilliant speech with a good balance of humour and sincerity and four people said it was the best speech they had ever heard, well I don't know about that but it did go very well! Thank you again for your help."

A - Public Speaking Phobia Client, Essex